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Ji buvo nepaprastai gero būdo katė. Vakar ją palydėjau į amžinybę :( Nebebuvo įmanoma...
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Didelis aciu Jums :)
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Tenka pripažinti, kad Kazytė - ne itin fotogeniška. "Gyvenime" - gražuolė fainuolė pusiau...
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Smulkutė, dailutė katytė. Labai prieraiši, lipšni, nori būt šalia žmogaus, glostoma ( tik...

Lesė team



The “Lese” team in Vilnius is made up of 10-20 active members. They provide a sincere care for abandoned animals at the shelter. Also, members do give a temporary home for every animal in need. Not to mention the planning and organising works for the ongoing programmes devoted for animal saving, treating and neutering such as “Catch-Neuter-Release”. Currently, major repairs are being made at the new shelter-to-be in Buivydiskes. All the members put a huge effort and countless hours of work to make the future ‘home’ ready and welcoming.

Today the leadership for various activities is shared among: Vesta (the head of “Lesė”, co-ordinator of “Catch-Neuter-Release”), Vaiva (Vaiwa, animal treatment), Sandra (Sandra-, public relations & event organisation), Irma (Irmulia, co-ordinator of volunteers) and many more hardworking, enthusiastic helpers in our friendly and broad team.

We welcome all who wish not only to save animals, but also help with administrative work (posters, design of leaflets etc.), increasing social awareness and searching for potential  sponsorship (nariai@lese.lt).


Our Kaunas city team is of initiative and very friendly volunteers: Sandra (Sandrule), Eglė (Globėja), Justė (Justyte4545), Ieva (Kata) and many more alike thinking, hardworking people. The girls have many years of experience in rescuing and taking a proper care of pets either at the shelter or their homes. Also the “Catch-Neuter-Release” programme in Kaunas is a result of their constant work giving all their free time and efforts. In the future, we hope to establish a bigger and better shelter for every pet that has faced cruelty, indifference throughout its life. Thus, we welcome everyone who would also love to volunteer and share their heart warmth with others! (kaunas@lese.lt).   


Our team in Jonava City currently is built up of Žyvilė (Dzy) ir Arūnas who for a number of years have rescued and given all the veterinary help for pets. These team members joined “Lesė” when we launched “Catch-Neuter-Release” in Jonava. We truly hope that this programme soon will reach a scope to help everyone in need. Therefore, we welcome everyone who wants to help us in Jonava (jonava@lese.lt).

Other cities   

A big part of “Lese” team now resides and works in various Lithuanian cities, also support comes from members living abroad. These all hard-working people put their sincere effort in managing and developing web pages, other public resources. We all keep in touch via our home page, members’ forum, Skype and of course, e-mail. If you feel that you can become a part of our lively team, do not hesitate to contact (nariai@lese.lt).


Agne (Agnyte_) (Vilnius)

Aneta (Aiime) (Vilnius)

Sitora (Akimirkoje) (Vilnius, Klaipėda)

I’m from Klaipėda City and I am studying photography in Vilnius. I’m a keen vegetarianJ. My volunteering work with “Lese” started from October 2009. Over that time, I have not only taken care of pets, but also found home for many of them!


Alina (Alina) (Vilnius)

I’m a volunteer of “Lesė” since the establishment of this organisation. Before that, I worked with “Pifas” team in Vilnius. I stand firmly for pet neutering and increasing public awareness, because it is the only humane way to reduce the number of abandoned, mistreated pets in Lithuania. My areas of work: public announcements/ads, translations, transportation of pets.

Laura (Alraune) (Vilnius)

The greatest joy is to see an animal that you used to take care of with a new and happy family. However, the saddest part of my work is to realise and witness that you aren’t able to help everyone who met human cruelty or indifference.

Galina (BlackCat) (Vilnius, Varšuva)

Eglė (CanisLupus) (Vilnius)

Daiva (Daivukas) (Kaunas)

I’m a police officer, however many know me as an animal lover and carer. Often I’m taken for a vet!:) Since my childhood, I’ve been the one who tried to bring home every little animal that needed shelter. After my studies, I returned to Kaunas and delved deeper into pet rescuing work. I do myself have three dogs and a cat in my apartment, so it is quite difficult now to find a space for other orphaned animals. Therefore, I’m very happy that there are such great organisations as “Pifas” and later “Lese” which I joined not to be alone in the demanding work of pet rescuingJ

Zyvile (Dzy) (Jonava)

I had a strong urge to help stray cats which lead me to “Lese” in 2010. I and my partner intensively work with ‘C-N-R’ in Jonava. I’m very happy that we with the help of “Lese” can save abandoned pets.

Edita (EditaM) (Vilnius)

I’m a student looking forward to enrolling in veterinary studies in LVA. I believe all the dogs and cats that don’t have breeding certificates or don’t conform to breed standards must be neutered. I wish to take part in reducing stray animals’ population in Lithuania.

Moreover, I have observed “Lese” programmes since 2006 and actively participated in them since 23.01.2009. My help involves providing temporary home for cats, their treatment and I happily do every work that helps this organisation.

Agilė (Eliga) (Vilnius)

Evelina (Evelinaaa) (Vilnius)

Egle (Globeja) (Kaunas)

I’m a volunteer of “Lese” and I take part in sheltering animals as well as increasing public awareness.

Indrė (Indre) (Vilnius)

I’m a psychology student; I’ve been working with “Lese” since the autumn of 2008. I feel it very rewarding when I can help rescuing homeless pets in such an invigorating team! Also, I’m interested in cats’ medical treatment, so I take care of them at the shelter or at my own home. In a nutshell, I try to do whatever I can! :)


Irena (Irene) (Vilnius)

I started participating in “Lese” projects in summer 2009. The biggest amount of time was spent at the shelter as well as treating, caring for cats at home.

Irma (Irmulia) (Vilnius)

My participation in “Lese” projects started in summer 2009. My position is to co-ordinate volunteers and also announce news, edit ads/announcements in http://www.lese.lt%20&%20www.gyvunugloba.lt. You can easily catch me via nariai@lese.lt.

Ugnė (It) (Kaunas)

VegetarianJ I do try to help with whatever I can: rescuing stray animals, writing informative announcements, taking part in informing public with current issues.


Jurga (Jurga080) (Vilnius)

I’m a student. I’ve volunteered in “Lese” since May 2009. My activities: ads/announcements editing in www.gyvunugloba.lt .


Justė (Juste) (Vilnius, Londonas)

Since 2006, I’ve actively participated in pet rescuing. My first stand point was “Pifas” where I helped by giving a temporary home for homeless pets, co-ordinating the team members and managing “Pifas” webpage. Currently, I’m working with “Lese”; I’m responsible for development of Lese.lt, Gyvunugloba.lt, Animalcare.lv .


Juste (Justyte4545) (Kaunas)

(Kata) (Kaunas)

Žydrūnė (Koala) (Vilnius)

I’ve been a volunteer since 2006 (at that time it was GGT “Pifas”, then “Vilnius Pifas” and finally was renamed to “Lese”). I help with animal photography and the consequent spread of information. Also, sometimes I’m very happy to work directly with the shelter by helping pets in need.

Justyna (Labradoritas) (Vilnius)

I’m a volunteer who joined this lively team in the summer of 2008. I have three pets: cat Tadukas, another one Sena Kate and a little kitty Milka.


Medeinė (Medutė) (Vilnius)

Dalia (Pink) (Vilnius)

Inga (Pliushke) (Vilnius)

My work with pet rescue started in 2007, when “Lese” was still named “Pifas”. I would call my voluntary work in “Lese” very universal and multi-tasking. I try to help with everything that I can from simple works to animal saving projects. At the moment, I take part in promoting awareness about homeless pets’ problems and webpages of lese.lt, gyvunugloba.lt, animalcare.lv.
Mao veikla gyvūnų globos srity prasidėjau 2007 m kai dar buvo “Vilniaus Pifas”. Savo veiklą Lesėje įvardinčiau universalia. Darau tai ką tuo metu ledžia aplinkybės. Teko ir pagloboti ir prieglaudoj paplušėti, ir kitokių darbų atlikti. Šiuo metu daugiausiai laiko skiriu gyvūnų reklamavimui internetinėse platybėse bei tinklapių (lese.lt, gyvunugloba.lt, animalcare.lv) populiarinimui ir jų “priežiūrai”.

Rasa (RasaLT) ()

I’m from the very beginning with “Lese”. My duties involve increasing public awareness. Also, I have constantly some pets at my home that need help or some human warmth! You can reach me via rasa0817@gmail.com or skype rasa0817.

Lesės veikloje dalyvauju nuo pat pradžių. Esu atsakinga už švietėjišką veiklą. Taip pat namuose nuolat turiu globojamų gyvūnų. Mano kontaktai rasa0817@gmail.com arba skype rasa0817

Sandra (Sandra-) (Vilnius)

I actively participate in “Lese” work from June 2009. I’m a co-ordinator for public relations and also I take care of publicity, marketing, information spread, organizing events. Time to time I manage and develop various projects and programmes within the wide scope of “Lese” activities.

„Lesės“ organizacijos veikloje aktyviai dalyvauju nuo 2009 m. birželio mėn. Esu viešųjų ryšių vadovė. Rūpinuosi organizacijos įvaizdžio kūrimu, marketingu, informacijos sklaida, renginių organizavimu. Taip pat vykdau ir koordinuoju pavienius ir laikinus „Lesės“ projektus bei akcijas.

Sandra (Sandrute) (Kaunas)

Viktorija (Shpokutiz) (Vilnius)

My name is Victoria and I’m a school student. I’ve been taking an active part in “Lese’ since May 2009. I try to help in maintaining a clean and tidy  shelter, giving a temporary home for homeless pets, also promoting our organisation in every way that I can (leaflets, posters, etc.). In the future, I see myself working with animals, as for now, I’m very happy to be a part of the volunteers’ team!:)

Esu Viktorija, moksleivė. Lesėje savanoriauju nuo 2009 metų gegužės mėnesio. Stengiuosi aktyviai dalyvauti Lesės veikloje: tvarkausi prieglaudos patalpose, šiek tiek padedu su gyvūnų globa, ir įvairiais būdais skelbiu lesės veiklą (dalinu skrajutes, kabinu plakatus ir t.t.). Užaugusi savo ateitį norėčiau sieti su gyvūnais, o kol kas esu labai laminga, galėdama prisidėti prie Lesės komandos :)).

Vaiva (Vaiwa) (Vilnius, Kaunas)

I’m a veterinary science student. I advocate for animal rights, certainly, I'm a vegetarian ;) My interests range widely from holistic medicine, homeopathy to other alternative medicine methods.

With “Lese” I’m since the spring of 2008. My main duties involve voluntary work, pet medical treatment and writing news on the homeless pets’ issue. Currently, I provide a temporary living space for cats and carry out the “Catch-Neuter-Release” program. I actively support and promote pet neutering as the only way to reduce the population of stray animals.

Veterinarinės medicinos studentė. Esu UŽ gyvūnų teises, vegetarė ;) Domiuosi holistine medicina, homeopatija, ir kt. alternatyviais gydymo metodais.
Prisijungiau prie Lesės veiklos 2008m pavasarį, pagrindinė veikla - savanoriavimas prieglaudoje, gyvūnų gydymas ir naujienų rašymas. Dabar užsiimu laikina kačių globa ir Pagauk-Sterilizuok-Paleisk programos vykdymu. Skatinu gyvūnų sterilizavimą, nes tai vienintelė išeitis norint sumažinti beglobių skaičių.

Vesta (Vesta) (Vilnius)

I’m one of the leaders and founders of the organisation. My work started with “GGT Pifas” in 2006 and in 2007 it was renamed into “Pifas”, until finally became “Lese”.

Esu VšĮ Lesė viena iš įkurėjų ir vadovė. Veiklą pradėjau dar 2006 m., organizacijoje GGT Pifas. 2007 m. buvo įkurta nauja organizacija Vilniaus Pifas, vėliau pervadinta į Lesė.

Viktorija (Vikikute) (Vilnius)

I’m a volunteer in “Lese” since June 2009. Mostly, I work as a carer for homeless pets, also help at the shelter. Furthermore, I have an editorial work for our webpage and write news on current events. I’m starting my studies in the UK in autumn, so for a while my work will be less active.

Esu Lesės savanorė nuo 2009 m. Birželio. Daugiausia užsiimu gyvūnėlių globa, pagalba prieglaudoje, gydymu, taip pat naujienų rašymu ir redagavimu internete. Nuo rudens pradėsiu studijuoti UK, tad kuriam laikui teks pristabdyti su gyvūnėlių gelbėjimu...

Milda (Vox_vera) (Vilnius)

Non-profit animal care organisation LESĖ.  Address in Vilnius: Savanorių ave. 33-91 (for correspondence), 
Phone: +370 671 88271 (Galina). E-mail: info@lese.lt. Bank account: LT647044060005976183.
Statistika Online: 43