Hikerwithdog (0:26) >>
Ji buvo nepaprastai gero būdo katė. Vakar ją palydėjau į amžinybę :( Nebebuvo įmanoma...
Dzy (17:00) >>
Didelis aciu Jums :)
Lapke (22:15) >>
Tenka pripažinti, kad Kazytė - ne itin fotogeniška. "Gyvenime" - gražuolė fainuolė pusiau...
Nesta (14:47) >>
Smulkutė, dailutė katytė. Labai prieraiši, lipšni, nori būt šalia žmogaus, glostoma ( tik...

Lese Neutering Program

"Lesė" spay/neuter program main goal is to gradually reduce the number of homeless cats and dogs in a humane way in cities and villages. Homeless (partially feral) animal neuter programs are successfully taking place in Western Europe and USA. They are partially or fully financed by the local governments. We do not have such programs in Lithuania, so we will use a considerable part of our budget to maintain such a program. We are hoping that other Lithuanian shelters and animal welfare organizations will join us in this task. We are grateful to our partner veterinary hospitals for reduced prices and useful advices.

Every spay of a female cat will save at least six kittens from an uncertain fate each year. Every spay of a female dog will reduce the number of homeless puppies by up to ten a year. We hope for your help and support.


Partial funding for sterilization

- 2010-11-14
This programm is valid for pensioners and disabled pet owners who submit necessary documentation. Practice of „cheap sterilization“ employed in other foreign countries has proved to be effective in decreasing the number of...


- 2009-08-10
  In an effort to reduce the number of homeless animals, beginning at year 2009 "Lesė" has joined the international organization, that...

Lese‘s Early-Aged Neutering

- 2009-06-05
  Some facts about early-age pet spaying/neutering Although it might seem that neutering/spaying of early-age cats is quite a new phenomenon, it has already been practiced for more than 25 years in North America....
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